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So you know your PR ya? And a few negative comments about your business and brand here and there on the Internet doesn't shake your boat? Think again and think hard. Online world is now the real world and Google is the greatest 'reputation engine'. Online image of a brand, a company or an individual has far reaching outcomes today and could mean the difference between success and failure. These comments and chats are in the public domain, easily accessible to anyone in the world, and create instant impressions about brands, products, organisations or individuals.

What's more, once a negative comment about you or your brand is online, unlike yesterday-newspaper-fish-wrap, it NEVER leaves the Web.

It is important to know that the dissatisfied customer, the brand de-vangelist and even the brand champion are all online, and you need to know them. Online Reputation Management monitors the online sentiments, manages the content in your favour and eventually promotes the brand. The idea is to neutralize the negative impressions and maximize and highlight the positive experiences which will eventually promote positive brand recall. The effort has to be honest and transparent. And yes, it takes time.

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