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The payment is made for search results that get only by "per click" basis, hence the name is "Pay per Click" (PPC). This is new concept in SEO marketing and web publicity campaign. PPC Advertising is a growing phenomenon and accepted by webmasters and web marketers. The PPC make fastest advertisement online right now, PPC Advertisement is one of the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most effective methods in online marketing.

There are lots of happenings in innovation, new concepts for making web products more effective towards more visibility, high ranking in search results. Pay Per Click (PPC) is also one of the new ideas that attracts more visitors. PPC has been a powerful tool for niche website marketing that allows the web owner see their advertisements only to the targeted customers and you need to pay them only when some one clicks on your site on PPC ad networks. This is a kind of small investment goes to the visitor who clicks and watch your advertisements.

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